Welcome to the first post of the Reality-Tuning Secrets blog.

Reality-Tuning is a concept and metaphor I came up with for helping me (and you as well if you like) create a better realty and be a bigger blessing to others. It comes from my understanding of 3 universal principles.

  • The Principle of Mind -- Everything is mind, the entire universe (reality) is a mental construct of God.

  • The Principle of Vibration -- Everything is in motion, everything vibrates.

  • The Principle of Polarity -- Everything is dual and has poles, opposites have the same nature but differ in degree.

Looking at these 3 principles it seems to me that we "tune" into the reality we desire via our thoughts, feelings and actions.

Since everything is mind and we experience what we think about most, it is first paramount to focus on the thoughts that would align us with the reality we desire.

Because all of reality is in motion it is then critical to align our emotions to the reality we desire. Next it's important to take inspired action that will lead us to the desired reality. When we find ourselves in a reality we do not want we need only to consider it's opposite and focus our thoughts, emotions and actions in that direction.

For example:
If you find yourself experiencing loneliness and a lack of romantic relationships you should shift your thinking  to about yourself as more being social, feeling more attractive and start taking the initiative in meeting new people.

Of course this is easier said than done. And yes, this is a general simplistic illustration of what is needed, but the core of what has to change is very true and applicable. Often controlling our thoughts and emotions, not to mention taking actions outside of our comfort zone, can be daunting and  at times seem nearly impossible .

Here are some little known yet major factors that thwart your efforts to change your reality:

1. Your unconscious mind doesn't like change. It's as if your unconscious mind thinks "Hey, you made it through yesterday alive why change".

2. Your wonderfully complex mind has the ability to both believe in something and doubt it at the same time. Belief is one force that creates reality but doubt short-circuits it's power.

3. The universe doesn't really give us what we want it gives us what we intend. Wanting is actually the energy of lack. Wanting something tells the universe "I am not this, I don't have this".  While intending tells the universe "I am this, give it to me, I accept this into my life"

(This next factor is kind of deep and requires some "splainin" so bear with me a minute)

4. We live in a relative universe, so when you first attempt to change and declare yourself to be a new "I Am", the universe attempts to help you define your new self by sending everything opposite to what you now say you are into your awareness. There can be no black without white, you can't be A without knowing B, so the first thing the universe does is assist you in being clear about who you say you are.

If you respond to everything the universe throws at you from the perspective of the new "I Am" you've chosen, then you're golden, and the universe will start sending you everything related to your new "I Amness".

But if you respond  based on who you were then you've got more work to do and will continue to experience your current reality.

The universe isn't trying to be cruel. Again, we live in a relative universe and if you say you are something you have to really be that thing, especially in the face of it's opposite. Knowing this can help you realize what area you need to reinforce to become who you want to be.

This blog is dedicated to the purpose of helping you overcome these and other obstacles to manifesting the reality you desire. I will be providing useful distinctions, tips, tools, techniques, inspirational stories and resources that will help you "tune" your reality to the "frequency" of the reality you want to experience. You'll learn things that will help you:

  • Program and reprogram your unconscious mind.

  • Move out of doubt and into faith (belief + action).

  • Intend without wanting and needing, even when your life is screaming "I neeeed this or things are about to be bad".

  • Stay centered in your new "I Amness" while the universe is "helping" you define yourself.

God has given us the ability to speak, think and feel things into existence. We are made in the image and likeness of the Creator of the universe. My goal is to assist you in experiencing more of your oneness and likeness with God.

With at goal in mind I will end this post with a few tips that you can start applying today. Of course they will be repeated and expanded on in future posts because they are quite useful and very effective when put into action.

  • The first few hours before and after sleep are the best times for programing/re-programing the unconscious mind. When you wake up you are in a natural highly suggestible trance state (more alpha and theta brainwave activity).  When you go to sleep your brain has a tendency to take what you last focus on into the unconscious mind.

  • Repeatedly use empowering questions with or instead of affirmations to reprogram you mind. Questions cause your mind to search for answers, so empowering questions will cause your mind to find empowering new perceptions that will lead to new beliefs .

One of the most important things you can do to stop struggling to change is to start purposely reprogramming your unconscious mind.

First create questions about the person you intend to become and the reality you intend to create. Staying with the example above about improving one's romantic life you could start with questions like these:

  • Why do I deserve a fulfilling love life?
  • What inspires me to be my best most attractive self?
  • What are my most attractive qualities?
  • What kind of qualities do I find attractive in a mate?
  • Why is being afraid of rejection ridiculous and silly?
  • Why is it really easier and more enjoyable than I used to think to meet new people without expectations and just be myself?
  • What will I focus on to stay open to love and companionship without feeling needy?
  • How am I awesome and what do I have to offer?
  • What would my ideal relationship look like?
  • What will I do to inspire the best in others?
  • What are the first 3-5 actions I should take to get out there and find companionship?
  • Why will I not obsess over finding someone and just have a good time meeting new people?
  • What lessons from the past that I ignored will I now accept to help me enjoy just being me?
  • What lessons from the past will i apply to help me choose the right companion?
  • Why should I feel confident and enthusiastic about meeting new people?

You can use those questions "affirmation style" before and after you sleep.

By affirmation style I mean repeat them to yourself without answering them at night then answer them in the morning and spend a some time repeating the answers to yourself in the morning. Repeat this process letting your answers evolve and get better.

When your answers seem as good as they are going to get, create new questions inspired by your answers that lead you in the same direction. Start with 7-20 questions, whatever your schedule permits.

That's actually just one way to use questions to transform your thinking and behaving, be on the lookout for more.

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Miracles happen when you
start to intend them.
Joshua N. Rabon


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